Community Assist Program

Made possible by Active Southern West Virginia

Lonely Hero Games, Active Southern West Virginia, and Glade Gaming Getaway want to make sure that neighbors in our community who may have financial limitations have the opportunity to participate in Glade Gaming Getaway. Thanks to generous support from Active Southern West Virginia, we are able to set aside 8 Weekend Badges and 8 tickets to our Fantasy Murder Mystery Dinner for individuals who would love to attend this event but otherwise may not be able to.

Please use the form below to nominate someone you know who you believe is deserving of this opportunity but would not otherwise be able to afford to attend.

PLEASE NOTE: We understand that persons selected for this opportunity may not be comfortable having their names shared publicly. We will reach out to the nominating person directly to notify them of selection and arrange the badge/ticket. Their badges and tickets will be booked the same as any other attendee so attention is not drawn to the fact they are attending on behalf of this program. This is a limited program and we expect nominations to come in quickly, so your understanding is appreciated if we are unable to proceed with your nomination.

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